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Red Wing Nuclear Plant Debate Continues.

Xcel Energy is seeking to expand the Prairie Island nuclear power plant in Red Wing, one of the state’s two such facilities. Earlier this week the Red Wing Republican Eagle reported that the state’s environmental report analyzing the plan isn’t up to snuff.

City officials have been saying for some months they’re concerned that nuclear waste will be stored at Prairie Island for hundreds of years or permanently."We’re supportive of Xcel’s application but we have these concerns," Council member Lisa Bayley said.

The city of Red Wing has another concern about the Prairie Island power plant, something we wrote about in the middle of July. City officials are concerned that with Governor Pawlenty’s reckless budget cuts to local government aid, Red Wing will simply not have the funds for the public safety services that are necessary when a nuclear plant is in the area.

It is irresponsible to cut city funding and then expect Red Wing to help control incidents, evacuate citizens, decontaminate emergency workers, and seal off roadways. These are services that the city is responsible for, according to the Star Tribune.

This is a situation where budget cuts are potentially putting the citizens of Red Wing in direct danger. Without the funds necessary to offer protective services against nuclear incidents, the city of Red Wing is understandably wary of the plant’s expansion. These cuts championed by Tim Pawlenty and his allies in the legislature are not ensuring that our state thrives. Cities such as Red Wing are struggling to survive, and it is admirable that Red Wing is standing up for the safety of its citizens. We need your help to defend Minnesota and help us get our state back on the right track. Spread the word about the Defend MN site, and check out what went down on the Make Minnesota Thrive Drive.

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