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Breakfast at the Fillin’ Station… Mmmm Pesto.

 The pictures are from my phone, so they’re not as good as the others. 

For the first time in what feels like the entire summer there have been back to back days of rainy weather. Which I wouldn’t mind in a general sense, but for the last day of a long road trip, some sun would be nice. Update: As soon as I finished writing this it become sunny and beautiful…that was the plan all along.

For breakfast, after crusing around to some spots in Mankato, we had to split because the Wagon Wheel Cafe was downright packed. Someone had to go in and see what this diner was like…from what I could tell it had a very "old-timey" feel to it. We’ll have to hear from Xavier how that was.

The Fillin’ Station is real nice, though. Great tunes on the radio, some pretty fantastic art on the walls, and the Sibley Park sandwich that I ordered was quite tastey. Anything with pesto I’m pretty much a sucker for, so maybe they got lucky on this review, but everyone else around me also seemed to have tasty treats so I think that, my pesto blinders aside, this place had great food.

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