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Anoka: Halloween Capital of the World.

Did you know that our own Anoka was the first city in the nation to put on a Halloween celebration? It’s true! In 1920, Anoka residents decided something had to be done about the youngsters who were up to no good playing Halloween pranks. A Halloween celebration seemed like a good idea to keep their kids from letting cows loose on Main Street and tipping over outhouses. The tradition has thrived over the years, including the parades, costume contests, block parties and more! The city of Anoka is even the "Halloween Capital of the World!"

You can understand how disappointed we were that we couldn’t visit Anoka in October to experience all the festivities first-hand. We had to settle for a little breakfast at G’s Cafe on Main Street.

If you ever visit, I’d reccomend getting the number 1.  Two slices of toast, 2 eggs anyway tou want ’em, your choice of American fries or hasbrowns, and bacon, sausage links, or ham.  Check it out:

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