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Voters in Moorhead Will Likely See Levy Referendum.

Voters in Moorhead will likely see a levy on their November ballot. According to the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, the levy would give the district an additional $5.2 to $6.5 million in revenue. This will come in addition to numerous other cuts the city of Moorhead has already made.

Slashing dozens of teaching positions, trimming $4.5 million from its budget and now freezing Superintendent Lynne Kovash’s salary for one year aren’t enough to keep the Moorhead School District afloat financially.

The School Board unanimously approved Kovash’s request that her salary be frozen for the school year. The School Board decided last month to freeze Board members’ salaries for the next year. Without taxpayers’ help, Moorhead is looking at a projected $1.5 million deficit next year, which would double in five years.The irresponsible budget cuts championed by Governor Pawlenty and his allies in the legislature go beyond “belt-tightening.” Moorhead is an example of a city right now that is desperately trying to survive by drastically reducing costs. Kovash told WDAY the challenge that the Moorhead School Board is currently facing:

“You look at going forward, and you see no increase in revenues and costs rise, it is a spiral we cannot get out of unless we see more revenue.”

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