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Anoka Car Show Gives Money to Non-Profits Hit By Budget Cuts.

The Anoka Classic Car Show is running every weekend until September 26, with about 500-600 cars every Saturday night. This year, $1 of the $3 entry fee will be turned over to the city, according to the Anoka County Union.

Because of irresponsible budget cuts by Governor Pawlenty and his allies, community non-profits like Youth First Community of Promise and Alexandra House have seen their city funding cut. What’s remarkable about the Car Show this year is that the city’s portion of the entry fees will be going to these groups, which support at risk youth and provide shelter for women and children affected by domestic abuse.

The city should not have to rely on events such as this for community outreach programs to stay on their feet; however, cities all over Minnesota desperately trying to deal with Governor Pawlenty’s unallotment. Budget cuts are affecting communities all over the state, and that means resources like the Youth First Community of Promise and Alexandra House are paying the price.

As we tour the state on the "Make Minnesota Thrive Drive," we also want to hear your story about the way budget cuts are affecting your community. Stories such as these, where at risk youth and those dealing with domestic abuse pay the price for unallotment, provide a powerful motivation to help ensure that Minnesota doesn’t just survive, but thrives . Share your story with us here.

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