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The Great Minnesota Steak-Off at RBJ’s in Crookston.



Driving down Highway 2 at this point is as natural to us as breathing. Seriously… is there any other road in the northern part of this state that goes east and west? Trick question, of course there isn’t. Anyway, we did manage to find some delicious food at RBJ’s in Crookston which happened to be just off of the never ending highway. The steaks were delicious. Our waitress Candace was the nicest I’ve run in to in a long time. Anyone who has ever served Xavier and I knows that we can’t be without our soda refills for more than about 30 seconds, and she didn’t disappoint.



Judgement…Definetly worth a trip in. Especially with the choice of potato side and a salad bar. Mmmmmm. The menu also had a pictures of someone with a statue of a Sasquatch. That never hurts.

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