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ARRA Funds Sought in St. Cloud.

The city of St. Cloud has an infrastructure project underway funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and will be seeking additional stimulus funds for a second. Over $1.7 million will be going toward grading, base, bit, curb and gutter, drainage, signing and striping, and appurtenance work from CR 120 to CR134, according to the Department of Transportation.

Next spring, an application will be submitted to extend the Northstar Corridor rail line from Big Lake to St. Cloud, a $150 million undertaking that would be completed within two years. That goal, according to Northstar Phase 2 Committee Charman Felix Schmiesing, is achievable.

The St. Cloud Times reports that approval to use stimulus money for the project will depend on whether connecting the Twin Cities and St. Cloud is seen as truly “intercity rail” and whether there’s more money available for the program next year.

For a list of all the ARRA projects in Minnesota, go to the Department of Transportation website. To follow us on the Thrive Drive, where we’re not only documenting how reckless budget cuts affect the Minnesotan folks around the state, but also visiting some stimulus projects in the works, head over to the Thrive Drive website.

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