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Some Scenes From Around Wadena Yesterday.

Before we get too carried away with the stories from St. Cloud, here are some of the scenes from around Wadena yesterday:

The murals all over the city, shaped into jig-saw puzzle pieces, are really quite neat. It takes a city that would already have a really nice main street running through it, and makes it really great place to meander around. The paintings are all really detailed and extremely colorful. We spent quite a bit of time just roaming around to see where the other ones were.

The Cyber Cafe that we stopped in for some java and photo uploading was delightful, except for one little thing. Being from Wisconsin orginally and a huge Packer fan, there was one part of the cafe that I found disturbing. I’ll let you guess which picture that is. But the cafe is a non-profit that supports the youth of Wadena, and generally a nice place to get some work done in. One last picture from Jefferson St, if I was going to start a bakery, this is the sign I would use. If we weren’t running late I was planning on going over to check out the selection, but that will have to wait until the next visit.

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