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An Almost Halfway Round Up.

Okay we’re roughly through half of this road trip… okay as I’m writing this it’s slightly less than half…but we’re starting to get a lot of the stuff from the first two days up to the tubes and wires now that we’ve worked out some technical issues. The oddometer reads 654.8 miles and we’re dealing through Detroit Lakes (when I first started writing this part of the post), and we thought that it would be a good time to review the "Best of" thus far, and some general house keeping notes. We’ve only been really lost one time, and that had more to do with sleep deprivation than being lost without GPS. Who could have thought that Park Rapids would have looked so much like Paul Bunyan Dr in the middle of the night? Not this guy, I tell you.

Favorite Food Thus Far: Xavier votes for Bridgeman’s Ice Cream in Floodwood. I vote for the Tobie’s Burger in Hinkley, although anything from the Atomic Coffee in Moorhead is right up there.

Bridgeman’s and Tobies

Cleanest Public Restroom: Xavier votes for "I don’t use them". I vote for Matoska Park in White Bear Lake. I felt like I could have eaten breakfast off the floor, an extremely calming quality for a bathroom to posses.


Favorite City: Xavier votes for East Grand Forks, over taking his previous pick of White Bear Lake. It has to be becaues of the animals around the streets. I’m sticking with Bemidji, a 2 1/2 ton Paul Bunyan statue? Yes, please. The people were also extremely nice, even for Minnesotans.

East Grand Forks and Bemidji

Number of Coffees/Sodas/Caffeine Beverages: Xavier has had 5. Two sodas and 3 coffees. Although he contends that the caramel cold press whatever it was does not count. I’m having trouble tabulating my total. I’d say somewhere in the ballpark of 20, but I fear that if my Mom reads this that it might get me in trouble. So I’ll smile and say 6.

We’re in Wadena now after interviewing Wayne Wolden, so we’re working on that video. Speaking of Wadena, this city might be the best small town in the state. I’m a big fan of murals and there are really nice ones around here everywhere. The city really has a lot of cool little places like the Cyber Cafe I’m sitting in right now which supports the youth of the city with the coffee proceeds. Really neat place. Once we get to another mileage landmark we’ll check back on the caffeine count and see who’s heart is going to stop first from electric-caffeine shock. Check back then.

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