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Hjemkomst Viking Ship.

The Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County is home to the coolest Viking ship. The Hjemkomst Viking Ship was built by Robert Asp, a Moorhead Jr. High guidance councelor, in 1971. Hjemkomst is Norwegian for homecoming, for Asp dreamed of building a Viking ship and sailing it to Olso, Norway.

Although he was never able to complete the journey of his dreams, his family and friends took over the responsibility. Six years after Asp began to build the Viking ship, they sailed from Duluth to Norway in his honor. The journey from Duluth to Bergin, Norway took Robert Asp’s family and friends 6,100 miles (the Thrive Drive is only 1,300 miles)! That’s a 72-day boat ride.

Apparently there was a storm 500 miles from New York that created a crack in the hull nearly 14 feet long, according to the Historical Society’s website. Despite that, the crew didn’t turn around and give up on the journey.

The ship is ______. Cool? Really huge?

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