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Obama’s Biggest Supporter: I Wouldn’t Be Alive Without the Mayo Clinic, Medicare.

Igor Vovkovinskiy, the "World’s Largest Obama Supporter" who got a shout out from President Obama during his visit to the Target Center earlier this month, says he owes his life to the government-run Medicare program, which provides insurance for the elderly and disabled.

Beyond a chance to see the president, Vovkovinskiy said he wanted to be there to support the call for health care reform.

Vovkovinskiy said he wouldn’t be alive without the initial medical care the Mayo Clinic provided at no charge and the continued medical care funded by the federal Medicare program for the elderly and disabled. He worries about the people with fewer medical needs but no insurance.

"People should at least have the basics," he said.

One of the myths being spread by people who want to defeat health insurance reform is that, under current proposals, Americans wouldn’t be able to get the coverage they need. That’s simply not true.

The truth is, health care rationing does exist. Under the status quo, health insurance companies — not you or your doctor — decide what care you can and can’t have. And these decisions aren’t based on your doctor’s diagnosis or the treatments you may need, instead, they’re based on what kind of insurance you have.

Here’s the truth about health insurance reform, as explained by President Obama:

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