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Netroots Minnesota: Adapting to Our New Media Reality.

If you read Denise’s email on Monday and asked yourself what a "netroot" was and why you’d want more than one — don’t worry. When I went to my first Netroots Nation two years ago, I didn’t know what to expect.

I quickly learned that "the Netroots" referred to a community of progressives committed to discussing important issues and using technology to empower regular people to influence the public debate. From blogging to texting and tweeting, the Netroots is helping the progressive movement adapt to our new media reality.

That’s why I’m so excited that Netroots Nation is holding a regional conference here in St. Paul on November 20-21. Netroots Minnesota will offer panels, keynotes, training sessions, and networking opportunities for progressives to come together to exchange ideas.

The full agenda hasn’t been set, but check out some of what’s taking shape:

  • Our New Reality – Why Social Media is Key to Building a Progressive Movement
  • Read My Lips: We Need Fair Taxes: How Progressives Can Save the Budget
  • Point, Shoot, Post: Why Online Video Matters & How to Do It
  • Impact Journalism: Bringing together bloggers and advocacy organizations to further progressive change

I hope you’ll join us at Netroots Minnesota — it’s going to be awesome. If you haven’t already, you can click here to register.

Join Us.