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TAKE ACTION: Call Congress and Tell Them to Support Health Insurance Reform.

Working families have been diligent in their fight for health care reform that includes a public option. With the Senate vote at hand, things are bound to move quickly through Congress this month.

That’s why it is important that Senators Franken and Klobuchar hear from you TODAY so they get the message loud and clear for quality, affordable health care we can count on.


Or, call 1-877-323-5246.

Tell our two senators that we can’t wait any longer for health care reform that:

* Controls costs and doesn’t tax our benefits.

* Provides guaranteed coverage to all Americans.

* Includes a public health insurance plan option.

* Holds insurance companies accountable.

* Requires all employers to pay their fair share.

Thank you for making the calls.

Minnesotans have been working together through the Health Care for America Now! coalition to build support for federal health care reform in Minnesota. They accomplish this through coordinated efforts to write and call legislators, as well as actions that escalate the awareness and need for reform now.


Join Us.