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American CEOs Break with Chamber Over Climate Legislation.

With the Senate currently debating the Kerry-Boxer Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, over a hundred CEOs made a powerful statement by urging Congress to pass comprehensive climate change legislation. I think co-founder of Seventh Generation, Jeffrey Hollender, said best why this is a common-sense issue. From Center for American Progress:

The fact that we should be responsible for the effect we have on other people, anyone who tells you that’s anti-capitalist is crazy.

In a remarkable break from the U.S. Chamber of Congress, American CEOs called for investment in American jobs instead of global warming pollution and supported the creation of an economy-wide cap and trade program, according to the Wonk Room. The Chamber’s oppositional stance against clean energy and global warming has led companies such as Exelon, the nation’s largest utility, from rebelling against it. The fact that many American companies are breaking with the Chamber, which has been one of the biggest opponents of fighting global warming, is huge. It just underscores how pressing it is to pass strong legislation this year.


Among the companies that have broken with the Chamber are Pacific Gas & Energy, Exelon, Apple, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and GE. These companies, and more like them, have shown over the past two weeks how committed they are to clean energy and a greener economy by breaking with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which, according to a recent MoveOn e-mail, just launched a $100 million campaign described as a “declaration of war on the White House.”


As MoveOn points out in its e-mail, the Chamber could not run this campaign without considerable funds from its members. While many companies such as Apple and Exelon have come out as outspoken advocates for strong climate legislation, some companies, like UPS and CVS, stand with the Chamber in opposition. These companies are still dues-paying members because they have not, as Apple and others did, quit the Chamber. Can you call UPS and CVS and urge them to quit the Chamber of Congress? From MoveOn e-mail:

If you’re a customer of UPS/CVS, be sure to mention it when you call. Here’s the info:



(404) 828-7123

Then, report your call by clicking here



(401) 765-1500, press 0 twice

Then, report your call by clicking here


Photo Credit: Indiana Office of Energy Development

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