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Democracy for America: Minnesota is for progressives.

One of the goals of the Netroots Minnesota is to provide an online and in-person campus for progressives to exchange ideas and learn how to use technology to influence the public debate. We’re happy to be partnering with Democracy for America, the nation’s largest progressive political action community.

Mary Rickles, the Communications Director for DFA, emailed DFA activists in Minnesota to share how a conference like Netroots Minnestoa is exactly what the progressive community needs:


When I left Pittsburgh after this year’s Netroots Nation, I felt re-energized, connected and engaged with a booming online progressive community. Packed with crowds of buzzing progressive minds, invaluable workshops and the best bloggers from across the nation, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about this year’s Netroots Nation – except that I’d have them more often.

And then Netroots Nation announced Netroots Minnesota

That’s right, you heard me, Netroots Minnesota — a convention with the same incredible progressive panels, keynotes, training sessions and networking opportunities — all just a short drive away.

With the Governor’s seat to fill in 2010 and countless other issues to take action on, Netroots Minnesota is the place to be. You’ll have the chance to speak with our nation’s leaders and engage in the campaigns that matter to you.

Join me in St. Paul for the first-ever Netroots Minnesota Conference

Come get your political fill before you hit the dinner table with your in-laws at Thanksgiving. Make Netroots Minnesota your first step towards planning progressive change in 2010.

I’ll see you there,


Mary Rickles, Communications Director
Democracy for America


Join Us.