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Congressional Briefing with Tim Walz at Netroots Minnesota.

There is a lot to get excited about at Netroots Minnesota. With two days of engaging panels and workshops, there is sure to be something for every progressive looking to learn how to grow our movement in Minnesota. In addition to all of the panels and trainings, attendees of the conference this weekend are going to have a unique opportunity to spend their lunch hour Saturday with Minnesota’s 1st District–The Fightin’ First!–Congressional Representative, Tim Walz.

Walz’s dedication to people powered politics has been especially visible this summer. When John Kline turned down his offer for a bipartisan town hall and was still hiding from his own constituents, Representative Walz was out hearing what the people of his district had to say, even the ones who disagreed with him. Both on health care and the war in Afghanistan, Walz has impressed his constituents with his command of the issues and concern for their thoughts. From a letter to the Winona Daily News:

"I am proud to say Walz represents me in Washington, D.C. His vast knowledge about the subject and his willingness to hear the questions and concerns from his constituency are admirable.Walz wrote copious notes while numerous speakers spoke for and against the current policy toward Afghanistan. If these thoughtful conversations took place before invading Iraq, a rigorous policy solution could have been drafted…We need to have a serious conversation about U.S. involvement, and Tim Walz is the right person to lead the discussion."

Now you have your chance to hear from Tim Walz. On Saturday, folks at Netroots Minnesota will get the inside scoop on events in Washington from Representative Walz. He will be taking questions via twitter, facebook and in person, making this one of the most interactive congressional briefings around. You only have two days left to reserve your spot to hear Representative Walz and attend Netroots Minnesota, so head on over and sign up right away.

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