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Minneapolis Reduces Police Staff.

When we set off on the Make Minnesota Thrive Drive over the summer, we learned about the things that makes our state above average. But we also learned how cities across Minnesota were coping with budget cuts and unallotments and reductions in lifeguard staff, firefighters, and police officers were among the solutions.

As winter sets in and the holidays begin, cities across Minnesota are relieved that they won’t see their local government aid reduced in December; however, the city of Minneapolis will still make staff reductions. MPR reported today that the city is dealing with a multi-million dollar reduction to its police budget, which means it will lay off 25 police officers.

The majority of the soon-to-be unemployed officers are a group of 19 recruits who are graduating from the academy this week…The new officers will work for five days before the layoffs take effect.

Budget cuts and unallotment have meant that the department has to lessen the staff in order to cope with the multi-million dollar reduction in its budget. The department is hoping to receive a federal grant so that it can rehire at least some of the officers that were let go.


Photo: Tony Webster on flickr

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