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Climate Denier (and Fave of Pat Anderson, Michele Bachmann) Gets PWND in Copenhagen.

Members of the Youth Climate Movement confronted infamous climate denier, Lord Monckton, after he compared climate advocates to “Hitler Youth.”

While Monckton was talking to reporters, some young climate advocates quietly placed a sticker on his back. 350 — as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere (we’re at 387 right now).

Check out the video:

In October, the Minnesota Free Market Institute brought Monckton to Minnesota for an event that was heavily promoted by other right-wing groups like Minnesota Majority and the Tea Party Patriots. All the hype about Monckton lead one Minnesota Daily reader wondering “Who exactly claims that Lord Christopher Monckton is a global warming expert?

The company he works for that gets money from ExxonMobile.

What is his diploma in again?


How is that a scientific background?

It is not.

Was he a science adviser to Margaret Thatcher?


None of those actual facts stop GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat Anderson from promoting Monckton’s lies on Facebook and Twitter. I wonder if she thinks Monckton’s also right when he says climate scientists are “criminals” and climate activists are “Hitler Youth.”

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