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Last Chance: Enter to Win a $100 IKEA Gift Card on

We’re getting closer and closer to the next legislative session, and with Governor Pawlenty’s reckless unallotments’ coming under fire, there is real momentum building to get our full renters rebate back if we make our voices heard.

Before the holidays we offered you a chance to enter a drawing for a free $100 IKEA gift card by sending a Tim "The Grinch" Pawlenty e-card to your friends.

Because our hearts aren’t "two sizes too small" like Tim Pawlenty and his cut to the renter’s rebate program, we thought we would give all of you sorting through your inboxes after the holidays two more days to enter the contest.

Right now Peter S., Lydia H., Bao H., and Michael B. are in a dead heat for the most e-cards sent, but there’s still time to play catch-up, but only if you hurry.

Remember: the more people you tell, the more chances you have to win the IKEA gift card.

Good Luck!

Join Us.