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Tim Pawlenty and the GOP legislators who backed up his cut to the Renter’s Credit thought they were off the hook. They were hoping that the many months passing between their cuts and your lighter wallet might make you forget who was responsible.

But they were wrong. Already, hundreds of Minnesotans — including you — have stood up and called for the Renter’s Credit to be fully restored.

With the start of the legislative session just around the corner, we have an important opportunity to reach out to our elected officials and make sure our voice is heard.

Take a minute to use our Renter’s Credit Rebate Calculator to find out how much money Tim Pawlenty took from YOU – then let your legislator know you want that money back!

It’s really easy to use our Renter’s Credit Rebate Calculator to find out how much Pawlenty and friends took from you — just enter your monthly rent and income. If you’re not a renter, you can use it to find out how many dollars were taken from the pockets of folks who would’ve been spending that money and supporting local economies.

As our legislators prepare to head back to Saint Paul, they need to hear from all of us who will lose out on a much-needed boost to our budgets during these hard times. Your personal story is one of the best weapons we have in his fight and will help raise awareness in the legislature about the need to restore the Renter’s Credit.

Send a message to your legislators. Tell them that renters are counting on them to stand up and fight to put money back in their pockets.

Join Us.