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Today is the first day of the 2010 legislative session. Now is the time to get our full renters rebate back — and you can take action today to get it done.

Last week many Minnesotans, including myself, wrote their legislators demanding that they get back the money Tim Pawlenty and his allies took from renters during his budget slashing last summer.

Good news — our letters are getting noticed.

I want to share with you portion of the response I got from my state Senator, Scott Dibble, who has successfuly stopped proposed cuts to the renter’s credit in the past:

"It is vital that you keep talking to lawmakers, your own colleagues, friends and family about the importance of the renters’ credit.  We face even more daunting budget deficits in years to come, so I fully expect similar proposals to crop up before the legislature in the future. It is only the strong activism of people like yourself that has allowed us to turn them back."

With the legislative session now underway, we need to take Sen. Dibble’s advice and continue our strong activism. Contact your legislator and tell them you demand the full renters rebate back today.

If we don’t make our voice heard loud and clear during this session, we may not be able to get back the money Gov. Pawlenty and his allies took last summer.

Thank you for taking action.

Joe Davis,

Join Us.