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VIDEO: Marty Seifert and Tom Emmer Applaud Pawlenty’s Last Stand.

Yesterday, Governor Pawlenty told Minnesota that we should protect corporate America at the expense of our school children, the poor, the disabled, and the elderly.  There in the audience were two of his Republican allies — legislators Marty Seifert and Tom Emmer — who applauded his rhetoric as they hope to continue Pawlenty’s failed policies.

We believe it’s time to move Minnesota forward — to put middle class families first by protecting the services they need most, like education, health care, and public safety.

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At the same time that school districts are "considering layoffs and program cancellations" because of the state’s budget deficit, the governor proposed cutting the corporate tax rate and continuing his failed JOBZ program.

According to the Legislative Auditor, the JOBZ program has been mismanaged and lacked proper oversight to protect taxpayer’s dollars.  But, instead of fixing these problems, the governor protects inefficient programs at the expense of programs like GAMC, which provides those less fortunate with the vital care that they need.  The governor calls this controlling government spending even though it sends scores of Minnesotans to expensive emergency rooms instead of providing less costly, more effective preventive care.

At its core, the governor’s proposals are about helping corporations at the expense of middle-class families.  For every step of the way, Republican legislators like Seifert and Emmer have been advocates for the governor’s approach.  Legislator Emmer even went so far as to suggest taking money away from programs that ensure clean drinking water to pay for a new Vikings stadium.

We are experiencing unprecedented times and Minnesota deserves better than this from those charged with finding the solutions.

Stand up for a Minnesota that is better than this.

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