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Yesterday, we sent this email out to Alliance for a Better Minnesota members in hopes that Minnesota Republicans would stand by their vote, and not pull the ultimate political flip-flop. With debate underway in the State House, things are still up in the air.


Republican leaders appear to be backtracking from their support for a bipartisan compromise to protect more than 70,000 Minnesotans from getting kicked off a state service — General Assistance Medical Care — that provides access to basic health care.

In a radio interview, one Republican legislator admitted it’s a shift from “what’s good for the district” to “party loyalty.” It is shameful to let party loyalty displace the needs of veterans and the poor who are seeking access to doctors and medicine.

Take a minute to tell your legislators that their loyalty should be to their constituents — not political party leaders:

We need to put the pressure on legislators so that they have the courage to stand up to party leaders in order to save this crucial service. The vote is expected on Monday and we need you to click on the link and take action now.

Thank you for telling your legislator to put the needs of constituents ahead of party loyalty.

Joe Davis, Alliance for A Better Minnesota

P.S. The override vote could happen tomorrow, Monday March 1st, so make sure you take action right now.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Joe Davis, Alliance for a Better Minnesota
Subject: 70,000 Minnesotans are counting on you

Last week the state legislature put partisan bickering aside to protect the more than 70,000 vulnerable Minnesotans–around 8,000 of which are veterans– who depend on General Assistance Medical Care to get access to basic health care.

But now, after Governor Pawlenty’s veto, some of those same legislators that supported the bipartisan bill are thinking about voting against that very same bill this time around.

Click here to ask your legislator to vote YES on GAMC one more time.

If the legislature does not act, more than 70,000 Minnesotans across the state that depend on the GAMC program will be without the care that they need. This service is simply far too important to the most vulnerable in our state to be a victim of of Tim Pawlenty’s presidential hopes, and the ambitions of other Republicans seeking higher office.

That’s why we here at Alliance for a Better Minnesota, a grassroots advocacy organization, have been contacting folks like you across the state to contact your legislators right away.

Our legislators have the power to make things right but they need to know that they made the right decision the first time. We only need three out of 38 House Republicans to vote the same way they did last week to make this happen.

Hearing from people in their district is the only way that they’ll stand up to Tim Pawlenty. Click on the link to contact your legislator and tell them you support basic medical care for the most vulnerable folks in our state, and you support their vote.

Thanks for standing up for what’s right,


Joe Davis
Deputy Director
Alliance for a Better Minnesota

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