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Michele Bachmann Says “NO” to Insuring Minnesotans.

Last night, the House of Representatives made history by passing health care reform for all Americans. This legislation will rein in the power of big insurance companies and guarantee that all Minnesotans will get the same health insurance as Congress.

Despite having her own health care paid for by American taxpayers, Rep. Michele Bachmann voted against historic health care reform legislation. She voted "NO" to a ground-breaking bill that will expand access to 32 million uninsured Americans, lower costs, and end the era when insurance companies could discriminate based on pre-existing conditions.

With this vote, Bachmann has said "NO" to her constituents who will benefit from this landmark health care reform.

Americans United for Change is running an ad targeting Bachmann for voting against giving Minnesotans the health insurance that is as good as her own government plan. Watch the ad here.


Photo credit: Minnesota Independent

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