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Seedy 16: Marty Seifert Takes on Defending Champ Bachmann.

Defending March Badness champion Michele Bachmann returns to try and claim back-to-back victories! Will she be able to defend her crown?

Rep. Bachmann has been in fine form since we last saw her, making her way back to March Badness by boycotting the constitutionally mandated census. She seems to believer that filling out her census form will lead to her internment.

This makes as much sense to me as a certain MN Vikings boat party.

You could call her challenger, State Rep. Marty Seifert, the Brett Favre of March Badness 2010. Why, you say? They just can’t make up their minds! In Favre’s case, we’re all holding our breathe and waiting for Favre to announce that he’s sticking around for next season (because honestly, who wants Tarvaris Jackson as our starting QB?).

In Rep. Seifert’s case, we tried to convince him to put the 70,000 low-income Minnesotans who rely on General Assistance Medical Care ahead of his partisan record and gubernatorial ambitions. Although he voted for the original bipartisan GAMC bill, Rep. Seifert switched his vote to appease the far right.


Who wins in this match-up between the defending champion and the Brett Favre of March Badness? You decide!


Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune, MN 2010 Census

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