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The Response from Pro Health Care Reform Minnesotans Has Been Incredible.

In less than 48 hours, thousands of pro-health care reform Minnesotans wrote over 160,000 emails to Republican legislators, and the state legislature’s email system couldn’t handle that many messages.

That’s incredible.

Don’t worry — we’re going to make sure your voice is heard. I’m going to go through our software to find all the emails that didn’t make it through — and I’m going to deliver them in person.

Thanks again for helping us tell the 68 anti-reform Republican legislators that they don’t speak for Minnesotans.  As someone who traveled across the state on the Obama campaign, I know how much Minnesota needs health care reform.  The last thing Minnesotans need is for Republicans to succeed and return us to the status quo we’ve fought so hard to change.

We’ve already flooded their inboxes, now let’s flood their Twitters. Below is a list of some of the anti-reform Republicans on Twitter, click the links to send them a message on Twitter:

@SeifertMN Do you FAVOR repealing the ban on insurance companies denying you coverage once you get sick? (tweet to @TomEmmer)

@TomEmmer Do you FAVOR repealing the ban on insurance companies denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions? (tweet to @SeifertMN)

@PaulKohls Do you FAVOR repealing the tax breaks for the middle class to help them reduce insurance costs? (tweet to @TomEmmer or @SeifertMN)

@LauraBrod Do you FAVOR repealing the new provision allowing parents to keep their kids on their insurance through age 26? (tweet @SeifertMN, @TomEmmer, or @MNGOP)

Join Us.