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Minnesotans Fight Back Against GOP Legislators, Flood Inboxes in Support of Health Care Reform.

Just hours after 68 Republican legislators announced they would ask the State Attorney General to repeal President Obama’s historic health insurance reform legislation, Minnesotans from all over the state stood up to protect health insurance reform.

In just one day, 2,158 people have sent 144,408 emails to the legislators who have decided to put the insurance companies ahead of working Minnesotans once again. 

"These state Republican legislators have decided that they would like to go back to allowing insurance companies to deny care to folks with a pre-existing condition, massive rate hikes, and the all-too-frequent medical bankruptcies of the past instead of moving our state, and the country forward," said Denise Cardinal, Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

Alliance for a Better Minnesota, a progressive advocacy organization that uses online tools to increase engagement amongst working families, set up a contact page for the Republican legislators that have urged AG Swanson to push for repeal of the new health insurance law.

The over 2,100 Minnesotans who have already used the feature have sent a letter to each of the 68 legislators for a total letter count of over 140,000. 

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