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Seedy 16: Mike Parry Battles Sarah Palin.

What is appropriate for professional athletes to tweet about? This is a question Terrell Owens should have been asking himself last year when he tweeted about Tom Brady’s injury status, the Browns starting QB and the Cowboys Tony Romo problem (see the photo!).

You wouldn’t be wrong to think that SD 26 candidate Mike Parry is the TO of March Badness. After tweeting that President Obama is “a Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man,” among other offensive and racist things, Parry scrubbed his Twitter account and deleted 33 tweets.

Parry faces a worthy opponent in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Palin is probably our most well known March Badness contestant this year. After she resigned as Governor of Alaska, Palin wrote a factually inaccurate book and became a Bachmann-esque national media personality. She made it to March Badness with a Hail Mary attempt to kill health care reform by spreading lies that it would create “death panels.”

Can Mike Parry’s failed attempt to make his offensive tweets disappear knockout March Badness heavyweight Sarah Palin or will she take the victory by “going rogue?" It’s up to you, so vote now!


Photo credit: Yahoo Sports, MN Progressive Project

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