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Come Along, Let’s Explore Tom Emmer’s Minnesota.

After just three ballots, Republicans in Minnesota have nominated the candidate that they think can carry Tim Pawlenty’s failed agenda forward in Minnesota. That man: Tom Emmer. Yes, the same man who said that Democrats are not "freedom-loving Americans".

We’ve become accustomed to some extreme Tea Party characters from conservatives in this state (you know who I mean, I don’t need to link), but Tom Emmer’s vision for "prosperity" using his "principles" for this state rank right up there with even the most caffeinated of Tea Partiers. What do I mean? I mean drastic cuts to school budgets, essentials services like road plowing in the winter, and Minnesotans having to hold out their tin cup begging for a charity check-up from their doctor.

To get a full idea of what Tom Emmer’s policies for this state would mean, Alliance for a Better Minnesota has created an interactive mobile application and website that will take you on a tour. So come along with me, let’s explore Tom Emmer’s Minnesota. If you have your phone handy you can also come on the tour, text "Emmer" to 738674 to download the application.

On the site, you can explore Tom Emmer’s Minnesota in a variety of ways to learn the truth about the less-than-mediocre Minnesota that Tom Emmer’s policies would create. There’s something for everyone in Tom Emmer’s Minnesota, from underfunded education and expensive health care to the state’s general decline.

Each tour offers folks the opportunity to see the truth about what Tom Emmer’s leadership will really do for Minnesota. You can get a first-hand experience of what the state looks like when the standard for education, from elementary school all the way to high education, is average. If you’re more interested in health care, you can learn why Tom Emmer’s Minnesota is known as the "land of more than 100,000 uninsured". You can also explore the history of how, in Tom Emmer’s Minnesota, the great things about this state are in decline.

Hop in the car, roll down the windows, and blast some Journey… we’re hitting the road. Come along and explore Tom Emmer’s Minnesota, or text "Emmer" to 738674 to get your tour on the go.

Join Us.