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VIDEO: DNC Hits Brodkorb, Bachmann, and Palin in “The Republican Gold Standard … To The Extreme”.

A new web video from the Democratic National Committee really illustrates what we’ve been saying here at ABM for a long time, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin represent, as MN GOP hack Michael Brodkorb calls it "the Republican Gold Standard."

Unfortunately for a party trying to recover from a slew of high-level resignations following a $2,000 expenditure at a bondage-themed night club in West Hollywood, the "Republican Gold Standard" is an extreme brand of politics that just isn’t working for Minnesota families.

And it doesn’t look like the Minnesota Republican Party is going to be backing off from the fringes just yet, Politics in Minnesota recently wrote about the great lengths to court Tea Party Patriots. Yes, these Tea Party Patriots.

Watch the DNC web video below.. and check back later today for ABM’s own video.


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