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Bachmann: Everywhere Except Where Her District Needs Her.

I have bad news, Minnesotans. Today is going to be yet another one of those days that Michele Bachmann is the talk of every single national cable news network broadcast. Every. Single. One.

While this is great for her national profile and for the Fox News hosts looking for guests to fill up their shows, it’s not so good for the people of her district. We already know from the Minnesota Independent that many of Bachmann’s missed votes coincide with her media appearances. Smart Politics had Bachmann appearing on a media outlet at a rate of once every nine days. The list of places goes on and on of where Michele Bachmann has been instead of doing work for her district. So while she’s pushing her narrow agenda with national politicians again today, take a moment to watch our video and share it with friends.

We need everyone on board if we’re going to hold right-wing conservative politicians like Michele Bachmann accountable to the working families that they represent. Take a moment to watch the video and share it with friends, and then join us in fighting back against the Tea Party’s narrow minded agenda.

Join Us.