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Netroots Minnesota Postponed Until 2011.


A couple weeks ago, Senator Al Franken announced
Netroots Nation 2011 will be held in Minneapolis next year.

here at Alliance for a Better Minnesota is excited to have
our home state host an event that is sure to bring attention to how
we’ve been working with you to build the progressive movement in

In light of this decision, we have decided to postpone the
Netroots Minnesota conference that was scheduled for August 21st until the beginning of next year.

This will allow us to focus more on the
upcoming election and identify how we can integrate the upcoming Netroots
Nation event into our work in the coming months.

If you have already registered for Netroots Minnesota we can
refund your money — or you can use it to register for the event that we will host
in the first half of next year.

If you can’t remember if you registered, don’t worry.  Someone
from ABM will be calling all the registered participants in the next
week to let them know.

We are looking forward to both events as we continue to amplify progressive voices by
providing a place to exchange ideas and learn how to be more effective in using
technology to influence the public debate. 

We look
forward to seeing you at both Netroots events in 2011.

Join Us.