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At State Fair, Emmer Still Has No Plan to Deal with Minnesota’s Budget Deficit.

An Angry Emmer runs from his record and the failed policies of Gov. Pawlenty

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Emmer’s refused
to provide voters with specifics on how he plans to address the state’s
nearly $6 billion deficit. When pressed by the candidates and MPR host Gary Eichten, Emmer told listeners that his plan is coming.

It has been more than 120 days since Emmer was nominated by the
Republican Party, plenty of time for him to develop a plan. Especially
when he proposed an idea that the Legislature should only have 45 days
to fix the budget deficit. Yet, Emmer has failed to develop his own plan
in twice the amount of time.

“Minnesotan’s are tired of waiting for Emmer to provide specifics on
how he will address the state’s budget deficit,” said Denise Cardinal,
Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund.
“Emmer does not want to share his plan with voters because he knows that
it will be too extreme for Minnesota. His plan to cut the state budget
by 20% will hurt vital services like education and job training that
Minnesotans depend on.”

The budget deficit is not the only issue that Emmer would not provide
specifics on. During the debate, Emmer refused to answer a question on
whether he would sign or veto anti-bullying legislation. However,
Emmer’s record in the legislature shows that he voted against the
legislation in 2009 (SF 971, 5/18/2009).

Cardinal added that Emmer continues to run away from his record in
the legislature by supporting the failed policies of Governor Pawlenty.
Emmer has supported cuts to K-12 education in the past and opposed
efforts to improve Minnesota’s lakes and rivers.

Emmer Voted Against Aid to Schools

April 18, 2007, Emmer voted against HF 6, the K-12 funding bill, which passed
the House with a huge bipartisan majority of 119-13.  On May 8, 2007, Emmer again voted
against the bill as it was repassed 
on a similar 119-14 vote. 
The bill appropriated an additional $16 million to schools and granted
schools an additional one-time increase of $51 per student.  [Minnesota House of Representatives,
HF 6 2007, House Journal 3997, 12113]

adjusted for population growth and inflation, education funding has decreased
by over $1,300 per pupil since Tim Pawlenty became governor. [MinnPost, 4/19/2010]

Emmer Voted Against Protecting Our Environment

On May 19, 2007,
Emmer voted against the Legacy Amendment, which allowed voters to decide
whether to tax themselves to protect wildlife, water and Minnesota’s
cultural heritage. On February 14, 2008, Emmer voted against the bill’s
repassage. [MN House of Representatives, SF 2285, House Journal 7263,


More information about Emmer’s record can be found at: and http://EmmerTruth.MN.

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