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Today’s Fact About Tom Emmer’s Plan: Buildings Go Up Fast and Come Down Faster.
– As Tom Emmer continues offering Minnesotans vague budget promises, he
never fails to use his favorite line about our state’s supposedly
over-burdensome regulatory climate. Sure, if you’re not concerned with
safety regulations and building codes, our regulatory climate can seem

Tom Emmer’s solution is to adopt Chinese-style regulatory rules where “you can build a hospital in about a month.” [MPR,
03/11/10] Emmer is willing to sacrifice not only the safety of the
construction workers, but also every person who will work in those
buildings with the threat of collapse. [NPR, 06/29/09]

Tom Emmer is more concerned with attracting big business than with
the safety of Minnesotans. His “get it done and get it done quickly”
attitude shows us that the safety and well-being of Minnesotans isn’t a
priority for Tom Emmer.

For more on Tom Emmer’s plan to take Minnesota backwards, visit an

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