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Tom Emmer’s “Redesigned Government” Would Leave Veterans Behind.

While Tom Emmer likes to talk glowingly about “reforming”
and “redesigning” health care spending in Minnesota, he doesn’t like to mention
what that would mean. That’s because in the legislature, Tom Emmer missed or
voted against bills increasing funding for veterans homes and a program to
provide aid to homeless veterans.

In 2010, Tom Emmer missed both votes on the agriculture and
veterans policy bill. That’s because in every other year he was one of only a
few legislators voting against the legislation.

In 2009, he voted against it. In 2008 Tom Emmer was one of
only nine to vote against the omnibus agriculture and veteran policy bill. In
2007, he was one of only two. Tom Emmer’s idea for redesigning state health
spending is so extreme, that it would even leave Minnesota’s veterans out in
the cold.

Minnesota’s veterans deserve a governor who is on their side, and that’s just not Tom Emmer.

To learn more about Tom Emmer’s plan to take Minnesota backwards, visit

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