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What’s The Plan Tom?

Two parts in to Tom Emmer’s three part budget plan, and the only hard
fact we know is he would “fix” the deficit by adding over half a billion
dollars TO it, and school districts will have to keep waiting for the
money Tim Pawlenty took from them.

Does that count as a “plan”?

All of the cuts to essential services are still waiting to be
revealed, and you can bet that Tom Emmer’s fuzzy math will be needed to
gloss over devastating cuts to health care, infrastructure, and local

Watch the video, and visit to learn more.

What's The Plan Tom?

We’ll be releasing a nugget a day on Tom Emmer’s lack of plan — and
what it will mean for Minnesotans across the state on our new website to
hold Tom Emmer accountable.

Smoke and mirrors accounting gimmicks and
devastating cuts by Tim Pawlenty are what put Minnesota in the position
we’re in. We need a governor with a vision to put Minnesota back on
track, not more of the same political “trick plays” to avoid making the
tough choices.

Visit our website throughout the election to learn more about Tom
Emmer’s “plan” for Minnesota, and what it means for working families.

Join Us.