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Republicans Believe Tom Emmer Is Too Extreme.

Tom Emmer at Canterbury Park 8-29-2010

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There has been a steady stream of Republicans who have announced that
they can’t support the extreme candidacy of Tom Emmer.  Besides former
Republican Senator Dave Durenburger and Governor Carlson, 13 former
legislators have stepped forward to denounce Emmer’s right wing
approach. [Horner for Governor websit, 8/6/10]

The inter-party battle became more heated after Republican Party
chair equated those Republicans to as Nazi sympathizer.  Two veterans
from the group, George Pillsbury and Bill Belanger responded:

We are concerned that Sutton’s candidate, Tom Emmer, is too far to the right [Minnesota Independent, 10/7/10]

Even political analysts are seeing the trend.

“It’s very difficult for a Republican to win in Minnesota if
their base of Republican support is splintering,” analyst Larry Jacobs
“That’s what’s happening with Tom Emmer.”

Jacobs says while Governor Pawlenty had support from 90 percent of
Republicans in 2006, Emmer’s base support is below 60 percent. Jacobs
believes Emmer’s strong conservative stance is making it hard to win
over some moderate Republicans. [Fox 9 News, 10/7/10]

Current and former Republican business leaders are also coming for
saying that Tom Emmer is too extreme for Minnesota. Al Tuntland, who is a
business leader in the Rochester area and has previously supported
Republicans told the Rochester Post Bulletin:

Tuntland said he also thinks Emmer’s stance of not raising any taxes is too extreme given the budget situation. [Rochester Post-Bulletin, 9/13/10]

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