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SATURDAY: Rally for a Better Minnesota with President Obama.

A bit of history is about to happen right here in Minnesota — and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

It’s been years since a sitting president visited the University of
Minnesota. This Saturday, that’s about to change when Barack Obama walks
onto the campus to rally support for DFL governor candidate Mark

We’ll be there, with our friends, to hear our President talk about what’s at stake on November 2.  We hope you’ll join us.

History will also be made when Mark Dayton becomes our next
Governor — the first time a Democrat has held that office in more than
20 years. That’s why the President of the United States is coming here,
that’s why we’ll be at the rally on Saturday to welcome him, and that’s
why we’re asking you to go as well.

Be part of history in our state. Join us this Saturday:

Rally with President Obama and Mark Dayton

Northrop Mall
Campus of the University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Saturday, October 23rd
Doors open: 12:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public.

What happens on Election Day isn’t up to President Obama. It’s up to you.

I encourage you to spend the next twelve days reminding your friends and family why their vote matters.

Your personal conversation with your neighbor, sibling, or friend can mean the difference between turning the page on the Pawlenty
agenda and moving Minnesota forward — or more of the same failed
policies if either of the “Toms” gets into the Governor’s office.

I hope you’ll join us on Saturday to rally for a Better Minnesota with President Obama.

Here are the official recommendations on parking and security:

Carpooling and use of public transportation is encouraged. For security
reasons, please avoid bringing bags to the rally if at all possible —
you should expect airport-like security. No signs, banners, or laptops
are permitted.

Thanks for not leaving anything up to chance.

Join Us.