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The (Other) Elephant In the Room: Republican Tom Horner.

He may have not said things like “I don’t think you can call yourself
a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat,” like Emmer, but Tom
Horner isn’t exactly being forthcoming about his Republican credentials

Tom Horner
claims to be an independent, but to believe that you’re going to have to
skim over the three decades he spent as a Republican Party insider and
his plan to pay for Big Business tax cuts by raising taxes on
middle-class Minnesotans.

Sharing a name isn’t only thing they have in common. Republican Tom
Horner stands for the same failed policies that have taken Minnesota
backwards, just like Republican Tom Emmer.  Click here to learn more about Tom Horner’s long history of being far from independent.

Tom Horner may not wear his ideology on his sleeve, like Tom Emmer, but here are the facts:

  • REPUBLICAN INSIDER: Tom Horner likes to say he’s independent, but someone who has worked as a
    political operative for 30 years is really a Republican insider.
  • TAXING THE MIDDLE CLASS: Tom Horner’s budget plan raises taxes on things like clothes and hair cuts to pay for eliminating business taxes.
    Tom Horner isn’t talking about whether his big contributions to Tim
    Pawlenty played a role in his firm being awarded state contracts,
    including $550,000 to promote the 35W bridge repairs, for which Horner’s
    firm received a $100,000 bonus when the construction firm finished early.

Tom Horner has been working hard to portray himself as a political outsider with no party allegiances, but it’s just not true.

out to learn more and forward this email to your
friends.  The last thing Minnesota needs is a Republican insider like
Tom Horner in the governor’s office.

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