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The Six Questions Reports Should Be Asking Tom Emmer.

Six Questions to Ask Tom Emmer:
In rare media availability, Emmer to take questions

Saint Paul —  In a rare media availability on
Wednesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer has the
potential to finally answer some of the questions Minnesotans have been
asking since his campaign began.

Below are just a few potential questions:

  • What specifically are you planning to cut from the current budget when you say government can be reduced by $20 billion? [Minnesota Public Radio‘s Midday, 05/05/10]
  • Why did you vote in 2009 against banning BPA, a dangerous and toxic
    chemical, from children’s products?  [Minnesota House of
    Representatives, SF 247 2009, House Journal 4745]
  • You attacked a minimum wage increase from $5.15 to $6.15 saying,
    “This is a true form of socialism.”  What minimum wage do you feel would
    not be “socialism?”  [Duluth News Tribune, 5/3/2005]
  • Do you plan to return any of your salary or per diem for the 20% of
    votes that you missed during the 2010 legislative session?  [Minnesota
    House of Representatives, Recorded Roll Call Floor Votes, Accessed
  • Minnesota has a proud outdoors tradition. How do you justify your
    repeated attempts to kill the Legacy Amendment that will protect these
    opportunities for future generations of Minnesotans and was
    overwhelmingly supported by Minnesotans when they voted for it in 2008?
    [Minnesota House of Representatives, HF 1231 2009, House Journal 5082, 7234]
  • What do you mean when you say state government is “the good ship
    lollipop” and like a cart being pulled by a bunch of Clydesdales?
    [Minnesota Public Radio’s MidMorning, 6/10/10]

More information about Emmer’s record can be found at: and

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