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Tom Emmer: Stem Cell Research = “Cutting Up” People.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer has consistently
attempted to apply extreme conservative views on all aspects of
governing including severe restrictions on the type of research
scientists in Minnesota can utilize.

This was apparent in his votes opposing funding of life-saving medical research in 2008:

On May 7 2008, Emmer voted in favor of an amendment to SF 100, a stem
cell policy bill, that would restrict stem cell funding to research
that did not destroy embryos. The amendment failed 65-69. On the same
day Emmer went on to vote against SF 100 the stem cell policy bill,
which passed the 71-62. The bill expanded and clarified the type of
research that the state would fund. [Minnesota House of Representatives,
SF 100 2008, House Journal 11394, 11399]

As if his vote wasn’t enough, Emmer also used over-the-top,
not-at-all-accurate rhetoric to defend his extreme conservative views on
the matter:

Emmer Likened Stem Cell Research To Experimenting On Prisoners
In May 2008, the Associated Press reported that Emmer equated stem
cell research to “cutting up” prisoners sentenced for life in the name
of scientific research. From the AP:

“Would we take an individual that is sentenced to life imprisonment,
would we start cutting them up for research?” asked Rep. Tom Emmer,
R-Delano. “No. And you might think that’s a little over-the-top, but
it’s the same thing for some of us.” [Associated Press, 5/8/2008]

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