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Don’t Prolong the Recount Process.

4976942294_a64a1cc3a8.jpgIn his first post-election one-on-one interview, Tom Emmer told Michele Tafoya that he’s in charge of whether or not to challenge the results of the recount. While speculation flies that the Republicans will try to delay Mark Dayton taking office as long as possible, Tom Emmer had this to say:

“Anybody who would talk now about just using the process for delay or some other — I think that’s entirely improper and I wouldn’t be part of it. So they can talk all they want; that’s not what we’re going to do.”

Despite Emmer’s claims, many fear the Republicans will use delay tactics to push through their extreme agenda. Rep. Ryan Winkler told MinnPost that Emmer’s legal team is gearing up for the inevitable–a contest to the recount.

Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton isn’t giving the impression that Tom Emmer is in charge. He told MPR that they have questions about illegal vouching, absentee ballots, and a computer filing error in Hennepin County. Sutton gave the impression that the Republicans are willing to do whatever it takes to delay Dayton taking office:

“We’re not trying to win the battle in the court of public opinion. Any contest issue is a potential legal fight, so it doesn’t make sense to talk about a lot of these things in specific detail until they’re right — until they’re appropriate.”

All the counties have finished canvassing, and Dayton’s team said they are encouraged by the results. The canvass has only produced a 101-vote change for Emmer. Dayton recount director Ken Martin said it’s not a question of if Mark Dayton will be governor, but when.

Once again, Minnesota led the nation in voter turnout. For the second election cycle in a row, Minnesotans are the most engaged citizens in the country.

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