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Governor’s Race Not Your Typical Recount.

4572611748_f9852cb184.jpgWe’re almost certainly headed for a recount in the governor’s race, but this recount is far from typical. 86 out of the state’s 87 counties have already canvassed and Mark Dayton is still ahead by 8,700+ votes.

While that’s within the margin for an automatically triggered recount, the odds of the results being overturned are almost impossible. MinnPost reports:

No expert can testify that any recount in the past 25 years in the United States has flopped nearly 9,000 votes.

Ken Martin, Dayton’s recount manager, called Dayton’s lead “virtually insurmountable.” With such little movement in vote totals after almost the entire state has been canvassed, we know Minnesotans have elected Mark Dayton their next governor.

A Tom Emmer appeal would mean Governor Tim Pawlenty would remain in power, with a newly elected GOP-led legislature. While the new Republican Speaker of the House, Kurt Zellers, promised the Republicans had no intention of ramming through legislature while they have a Republican governor, the Pioneer Press notes he quickly stepped back from his statement.

Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton told MinnPost today that “this recount is about the state.” If he really believes that, then there will be no recount appeal because the recount will only reaffirm what Minnesotans know to be true–that our state elected Mark Dayton to be our next governor.

Tom Emmer’s been flying under the radar ever since the election, but he’s come out of hiding for his first post-election, one-on-one interview. Who scored the exclusive? WCCO Radio’s Michele Tafoya, who donated to Emmer’s campaign this summer and solicited donations from her colleagues as well.

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