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Hopefully Recount Will Start as Planned.

4344594653_c98c28e71f.jpgThe GOP might be in denial that Minnesotans elected Mark
Dayton the next governor of Minnesota, but Phil Krinkie isn’t. The President of
the Taxpayers League of Minnesota wrote a column in the Worthington Daily Globe
explaining how Dayton managed to win the governorship.


Mark Dayton knows he’ll have to wait until after a recount
to take office, but he’s not waiting to start
. Dayton launched a website
to solicit Minnesotans’ opinions on his transition team.


The Minnesota Supreme Court is making sure it is on top of
the Republican
. It is trying as best as it can to make sure the recount isn’t
delayed. The Supreme Court said it wants all related filings by tomorrow and
will hold oral arguments on Monday if necessary.


The Republican filing suggests there are more votes cast
than voters who signed in, leading to what Tony Suttion called “phantom votes.”
The petition suggests that until reconciliation is completed in all 4,136
precincts, the recount
shouldn’t go on

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