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Minnesota Recount Volunteer Information.

This week, election officials across the state were busy auditing
and verifying the vote totals from Election Night.  With only one county
remaining, Mark Dayton continues to hold a virtually insurmountable
lead of nearly 9,000 votes.

With that said, it seems very likely that Tom Emmer and the Minnesota
Republican Party will choose to proceed with a manual recount.  This
process would begin on November 29th and likely be completed within a

Privately, Republicans acknowledge that it’s highly unlikely they
will be able to overturn the results of the election, but that certainly
won’t stop them from pulling out all of the tricks they can think of.

make sure this recount goes smoothly, we need help from people all over
the state.  Click here to sign up to help the recount efforts.

Already, Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton has been trying to cast
doubt on Minnesota’s electoral system–one of the best and cleanest in
the country–to drag this process out as long as possible. 

An anonymous Republican source even told the Star Tribune that
they have no interest in seeing this through in a timely fashion. Before Republicans use this recount to make a big power grab, we need your help to staff a clean and fair recount effort.

There are many roles available to help no matter how much time you’re
able to commit. To find out how to help, fill out the volunteer form
below. Someone from the Dayton recount effort will follow up with you
soon after to see where you can fit in.

Together, we can make sure that Republicans don’t try and squeeze through their extreme agenda by delaying the recount process.

Click here and sign up to volunteer!

Join Us.