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Minnesota’s History of Close Elections.

3166085790_f72d23f045.jpgMinnesota has a history of very close elections. We had a very close 2006 governor’s race and recounts in the 2008 Senate and 2010 governor’s race. What’s remarkable about our recounts, however, is how reliable our initial election results are. The accuracy of our optical ballot scanners makes a 0.5 percent threshold for automatic recounts seem unnecessary, according to the Star Tribune.

The post election review of Ramsey County election results shows no changes in their vote totals. According to Ramsey County Elections Director Joe Manksy, no change in the state’s second largest county likely means little change in recount results.

Sectrary of State Mark Ritchie mapped out the county-by-county plan for an automatic recount. The recount would begin the morning of November 29 and end by mid-December. Unlike 2008 when the recount start was staggered by county, this recount will start uniformly.

Non-party organizations are going to be watching the recount. Independent observers will be watching the recount to make sure every vote is counted fairly and accurately.

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