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More Unnecessary Legal Processes from GOP.

3048811852_13ebc9fe97.jpgWith the recount about to get underway, lawyers for
gubernatorial candidates Tom Emmer and Mark Dayton have been swamping county
elections officials with data requests. The Rochester
reports that with Emmer’s legal team searching for votes and
looking for signs of fraud or human error, Dayton’s team has no choice but to
make sure they have the same information.

Along the same lines, the Republican Party halted
its suit
against two Minnesota counties. The Republican Party claimed two counties
didn’t comply in a timely manner with their data requests, although officials
from Pine County claimed they never received the request in the first place.

Hennepin County finished
its post-election review. In the state’s most populous county, Mark Dayton
picked up five votes on Tom Emmer. Hennepin County Elections Director Rachel
Smith said this was the result of a couple jammed ballots and some voter intent

The Republican Party just
it is going to the state Supreme Court. The GOP accuses that
there are more votes than voters and is asking for reconciliation of the
ballots. Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin says this is nothing but a Hail Mary. This is nothing more than another part of the Republican Party’s massive fishing expedition to thwart the will of Minnesota voters and delay the seating of our next governor.

Photo credit: Flickr

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