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Most Frivolous Challenges Withdrawn.

Canvassing Board member and MN Supreme Court Justice had some harsh words for Tom Emmer’s legal team on the matter of frivolous ballot challenges. The Emmer campaign was allowed to reexamine their frivolous ballot challenges in order to pare them down. Anderson told Emmer’s attorneys these frivolous challenges tell voters,

“We are basically going to disenfranchise you.”

If you’re wondering what frivolously challenged ballots look like, the Star Tribune has nine examples you can take a look at.

Emmer’s attorneys pulled back almost 2,600 ballot challenges, but that doesn’t mean he’s giving up. MPR reports that the Canvassing Board’s stance on challenges will play a role in his decision on whether or not to challenge the recount. Emmer told the GOP State central Committee delegates in Bloomington,

“We’re not going away. We’re sticking around.”

Emmer said he’s also waiting to hear why the Supreme Court denied his request to have all the state’s precincts re-do the reconciliation process before deciding on whether to legally challenge the recount results.

According to the Pioneer Press, several influential Republicans are warning that unless new, unexpected information comes to light that questions the integrity of the election results, Emmer should concede soon.


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