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We Have a Governor!

5034727544_d3446d1a6d.jpgBig news–we have a Governor-elect! Congratulations to Mark Dayton, who will become the first DFL Governor in this state since 1986.

Many think the MN Supreme Court’s decision to reject Tom Emmer’s argument about ballot reconciliation had something to do with the timing of his concession.

Emmer conceded the election to Mark Dayton this morning at his home in Delano. Despite speculation that the Republican Party would drag out a recount contest to delay seating Mark Dayton, as his election night lead remained virtually unchanged during the course of the recount, Emmer said he wouldn’t be part of that. Emmer was gracious in defeat, respecting the wishes of Minnesota voters.

“Minnesotans made their choice, by however thin a margin, and we respect that choice.”

Minnesotans are probably relieved this recount is over with a minimum of fuss. For the second election cycle in a row, Minnesota has proven that our election system is one of the fairest, and most accurate, in the nation.

Looking ahead to the upcoming legislative session, Dayton will have his work cut out for him. Dayton said he is committed to working with the Republican legislature, saying “whatever their good ideas are, I will combine with mine.”

Dayton arrived that the transition office early this morning to begin planning the process where he’ll take over as governor.

Photo credit: MN AFL-CIO

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