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Let’s Get To Work – @NetrootsMN.

Netroots Minnesota

On Monday, Mark Dayton was sworn in as Minnesota’s 40th
governor.  Governor Dayton called on us to “dedicate ourselves to
rebuilding a successful state, one that again is the envy of the nation,
a leader of the world.”

As the legislative session begins, the right-wing is poised to
execute their plans to push the same divisive and wrongheaded agenda
over the next few years.

If we want to work with Governor Dayton to build a better Minnesota
for all of us, we need to make sure progressives have the skills,
training, and knowledge to get things done.

where Netroots Minnesota comes in.  Netroots Minnesota will take place
on Saturday, January 15th in St. Paul and offers a full-day of panels,
strategy sessions,  speakers, and other creative sessions designed to
educate, stimulate, and inspire action among our progressive community.

Check out some of the panels, issue strategy sessions, and trainings and then click here to register:

Corporate Democracy – One Year After Citizens United
2010 election saw more than $3.2 million of corporate contributions
flood into local campaigns in Minnesota. This panel will discuss how
corporate influence over our elections is destroying our democracy and
how Minnesotans need to keep a watchful eye on the legislature in the
coming year.

Tools of Engagement
and online tools are a big part of progressive organizing and could be
key in how we build support for progressive causes given the current
political environment. This training session will provide successful
strategies you can use to engage and mobilize people.

Feminist Activism In a Gone-Rogue Age
panel will lead a brainstorming session on how Minnesota feminists can
unify their messages in an increasingly hostile political landscape.
Groups such as the Minnesota Family Council. Minnesota Majority, and the
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life are itching to roll back civil
rights gains of the last twenty years, including a “Defense of Marriage”
Amendment and the appointment of judges who would overturn Doe v. Gomez
in our state’s Supreme Court. It’s going to take some strong and
sustained cackling to stop them.

With the legislature poised to take on important issues like the
bonding bill and Governor Dayton’s appointments as early as next week,
there’s no better time for progressives to come together, think
strategically, and get to work.

Register for Netroots Minnesota 2011 by clicking here.  You won’t regret it.

P.S. Did I mention that all attendees receive an awesome, organic-recycled union-made tote bag?  Click here to register right now.

Netroots Minnesota 2011 Tote Bag

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